Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "Grinder"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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This picture has an addition to the name - "The principle of flickering." What does it consist of? Apparently, in different positions, the word on the stroboscopic photograph shows a leg pressing the pedal of a grinder. The movement of the hands of a grinder is likewise shown.

One of them brings the knife to the machine, the other presses the blade against the grinding wheel. And if you can still guess the shape of the shoulder, then it is simply impossible to understand where the head of a working person is, what his face is. Only a thick red mustache is guessed. Apparently, Kazimir Malevich wanted to show the turn of the head of the master.

Critics attribute this picture to a style that combines futurism and cubism, calling it futurocubism. The principle borrowed from cubism is a multiple repetition, if not called a heap of conglomeration, of homogeneous objects. On the right we see something similar to steps. On the left are some rails and bottlenecks, with a closer look, suddenly turning into ordinary railings with balusters. Behind the figure of the grinder manages to make out a yellow table. Near the railing there is a white flowerpot.

The only thing depicted without repetition and irregular lines is the wheel and the grinding wheel. To them, perhaps, with the help of some tricks, the artist gave movement.

Of course, one can argue about such art for a long time, however, it is impossible to disagree with the fact that this picture carries a certain mood, and it is very positive. This picture is inspiring, it is beautiful. It has the main thing that distinguishes a masterpiece - emotions and movement.

In the present creation there must be an action compressed in an instant. And Malevich managed to realize this in his painting “The Grinder (Flickering Principle)”. And isn’t it so that sparks of red-hot metal flash when a dull knife is in the hands of a master? Isn't the spinning wheel so flickering?

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