Description of the painting by Edgar Degas "Prima Ballerina"

Description of the painting by Edgar Degas

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The end of the ballet performance. All the artists are behind the curtains and only the prima ballerina goes to bow alone. The public is raging, the public is raging. And she bows gracefully as if to each applauding person individually.

It is her duty to thank the audience in this way for not leaving the room and watching the ballet to the end. For the fact that her exits and the work of all the ballet participants were not booed or flooded. She bows low and, having received a portion of applause and flowers, leaves the stage behind the curtains. The curtain closes, and the triumph continues in the dressing room, where there will be no rest from overt and secret admirers.

But while the play is on and the prima ballerina is dancing. He works and earns fame for himself and the theater. Ballet is hard work, hard labor. The ballerina is retiring while still very young and therefore she needs to have time to give up her talent and show her skill. Often sick people left the stage, or they died, without ever leaving the stage.

Degas just on the canvas depicted precisely the triumph of one such prima. Everyone is watching from behind the curtains how talented this actress is dancing. And how does the public react, because the success of the whole performance depends on her dance.

Degas probably guessed the point or basis of the canvas angle. He did not focus on the details. Only prima herself was well written out, everything else was somehow smeared: the scenery, backstage, actors and actresses. Everything is stopped on her dance, on her success. Therefore, the canvas is somehow disappearing ... The effect is amazing and it seems that momentary. After all, Degas was one of the impressionists. And momentary is an important basis of this style. The artist showed everything in one canvas ...

This canvas is one of those paintings that are included in a series of paintings about the theater. There are several of them, it is immediately obvious that Degas himself was not indifferent to this type of art.

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