Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Adam and Eve”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Adam and Eve”

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Klimt is a modernist. It’s just that almost all of his canvases fit this style, the Art Nouveau style. All of them are bright and memorable, as a matter of fact, everything that was done as part of this style. It is impossible to pass by a building or a masterpiece of art nouveau painting without paying attention to it. It's all about its elegance, it's all about the image - softness of forms, flexibility of details.

Klimt's style is unimaginably beautiful. It is enough to recall his canvas "Kiss." Behind the colorful pattern of the cloak, you do not immediately see the kissers. “Adam and Eve” is a continuation of the theme of “Kiss”, but only more frank. The image of Eve, the naked Mother of the world, dominates on the canvas. She is depicted in the background of her husband. By the way, the figure of Adam is depicted as vaguely.

We see his face, shoulders, but his legs are covered with the skin of a jaguar. Most likely, this is an image of this couple after the fall. Look at the face of Adam - it is tired and haggard, but Eve is shining with a kind of universal peace, but here in her eyes is cunning. The skin of a leopard covers Adam, and at the feet of Eve are flowers. Even despite the brilliant nakedness and clearly provocative - Eve is beautiful.

Klimt with this canvas reminded us of where the woman came from. Adam is depicted in a kind of clay color. Indeed, according to legend, he himself is made of earth, but the woman is from the rib of a man. And this is how the artist did it: the right hand of the hand as it were dissolved in Adam is a hint or even a symbol of the unity of souls.

Needless to say, the canvases of Klimt in the Soviet era were, strictly speaking, covered and only specialists knew about them. For the general public of the former USSR, the canvases of this artist were fully opened only during perestroika and after the collapse of the country. Such a kind of oblivion was created precisely because of the erotic frankness of the paintings. Although, of course, the genius of the painter was recognized.

Klimt created not as many paintings as some of his great colleagues, but the fact that there is enough to recognize him as a great master of painting.

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