Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Danae”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Danae”

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The painting "Danae" is one of the most popular mythological works of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.

According to ancient myth, the beautiful Danae was imprisoned by father Ariksy in a copper tower. So strictly he treated his daughter, trying in every possible way to protect his daughter from the birth of his son. The famous oracle previously predicted to the king that he would be killed by his grandson, that is, the son of Danai. But despite all the measures taken, the intended one was destined to come true and God Zeus himself fell in love with charming Danae.

No doors and walls could stop the most powerful thunderbolt and he, turning into golden rain, nevertheless penetrated to Danae imprisoned in a copper tower. Subsequently, their son Perseus, inadvertently but fatally killed his grandfather, Acrisius.

Of all the touching plot of love, which had many obstacles and obstacles, Klimt in his individual vision of the legend depicted the most secret episode of history.

The sensuality of Zeus's chosen one is conveyed very realistically, despite the girl's half-asleep state. Also, the beauty of the picture is transmitted through other compositional elements together with the artist’s most favorite golden color.

Many critics consider Klimt’s painting immoral, but other art connoisseurs, on the contrary, do not express protest moods, noting a pacified state when contemplating a mythological plot in soft colors.

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