Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Oaks in old Peterhof”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Oaks in old Peterhof”

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Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich always admired the expanses of Russian land. He painted landscapes and conveyed through them his attitude to nature and its endless beauties. It is this artist who takes first place among the most powerful and talented landscape painters in Russia.

The author perfectly understands plant forms and conveys their natural details. Each shadow and absolutely any leaf is in its place. Everything is as nature itself created.

Oaks Shishkin I.I. painted in 1891. He was admired by these perennial giants who majestically grew in old Peterhof. These trees, undoubtedly, have seen a lot in their lifetime, their powerful crown rises up.

The author paid special attention to drawing details. Leaves and bark were drawn to the smallest detail.

Under the oaks, green and yellow vegetation. The landscape turned out to be sunny, only the trees themselves cast huge shadows on the ground. Because of this, it becomes incomprehensible at noon this or early morning. To naturally convey natural vegetation, you need to understand it and admire it. This love was present in the heart and soul of the artist, who skillfully fit into artistic creations.

The branches magnificently occupy the center of the picture. Ivan Ivanovich regularly walked around these places and always took canvas and paints with him. He spent hours in front of his favorite landscape to choose the most suitable time of day. Everything is natural in his paintings.

Some critics even say that this plausibility makes it difficult to perceive the general nature of the canvas. But how can you not understand love, trembling feelings for trees and all nature. His paintings are gratitude for the surrounding landscapes that never bother. He was able to see the beauty in the environment, not everyone can admire the foliage and the perfect texture of the trunk.

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