Description of the painting Konstantin Kryzhitsky “The Road”

Description of the painting Konstantin Kryzhitsky “The Road”

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As they say in Russia, two troubles - roads and fools. And as for the roads - an accurate statement.

Roads in Russia were both unsightly and remained, and this despite the progress or something else there. And even if they make the road good, then this is not for long. And, as a rule, only central roads make good roads, and those in the outback, like Tsar Gorokh, have bumps, impassable mud in spring and autumn, dusty in summer, and large snowdrifts in winter.

Even if not every cart could overcome such roads, now not every tractor can easily pass there. In general, this is not a road; it is a test of human endurance and the endurance of technology.

Passed the test - your road and there is an opportunity to go further, did not pass - stuck in the mud - help will not come right away.

On the canvas Kryzhitsky, the road is summer and it leads to a small village with a small church. Around the field with wheat, and somewhere in the distance this village is visible. And people are walking along the road and, apparently, they are already walking from the fields.

In the summer, the most work in the field is to look at the crop, and if necessary, to harvest it. Bright and juicy, not stinting in colors, the artist depicted this landscape. And the sky breathes its life and the earth does not lag behind: a lot of wheat, and on the edges of the road a grass in a green outfit. And the sky is in the clouds, in lush and probably rainy. On the one hand, it’s good that it is rainy — rain will pour water over the earth, on the other hand, water can spoil the summer crop and then there will be nothing in the bins.

That is why people work in the field from early morning until sunset. But the main thing that the artist managed to convey was the village flavor, the nature of the region. One wants to be there and walk barefoot on a dusty road. It is especially nice to walk like this after the rain, not immediately as it ended, but somewhat later.

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