Description of the painting Pablo Picasso Serenade

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso Serenade

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The painting was painted in 1942.

This is one of the paintings, the plot of which the artist called serenades. He painted several pictures with this name in different years.

Picasso recognized as the most expensive brilliant artists. The uniqueness of his paintings amazes and breaks the usual perception of reality.

In the life of Picasso there were several periods under the influence of which he wrote certain stories. The canvas "Serenade" was written in the creative period under the name "Guernica" and pacifism.

Guernica is a city that was destroyed by the Nazis during the war. It was a Basque cultural heritage. Under the influence of this event, Picasso writes a canvas, which is also called as the chopped-off Basque city.

He was seized by the horror of all that was happening, which was reflected in his work. He turns paintings into broken geometric blocks that are difficult for most people to perceive. His canvases are rebuses that only he could solve.

Picasso was considered a woman-hater, due to the fact that he distorted the female body and face beyond recognition. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he could not get along with his first wife, a Russian ballerina.

Malfunctions in the family and the effect of war on the artist’s psyche were reflected in his distortion of people, and women in particularly harsh forms. He was accused of mocking and hating women. And this is partly true, which can be understood from his canvases.

In the picture "Serenade" we see an incomprehensible female figure, broken into geometric pieces, twisted in an incomprehensible position. The figure of a man is no less mysterious and complex.

Around the artist, he depicted everything in gloomy and dark tones, personifying the emptiness and war, which terribly frightened him. His fear and psychological imbalance flashed into the paintings. Not only canvases, but also Picasso's sculptures reflected all the tragedy and hopelessness of that time.

Picasso created his own individual style in painting, which influenced the unforgettable impression on the whole world. His paintings are a cultural asset.

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