Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Bosphorus on a moonlit night"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The canvas was painted in 1874.

This is one of Aivazovsky’s paintings on the marine theme. The artist was in awe of seascapes, moorings and all the manifestations of this element. He spent many years in different countries, where he studied the art of painting and nature.

Aivazovsky possessed exceptional visual memory, all the details in the paintings are spelled out with incredible accuracy. His paintings have been admired for more than a century. They both calm and excite the soul. No one before could depict the elements of water, light and air as authentically as Aivazovsky did.

The painting depicts the Bosphorus Strait in the full moon, painted in oil on canvas. This is one of a series of paintings by Aivazovsky’s marine painting. The serenity and tranquility of the water surface calms. Calm ... The picture is written very realistically. Looking at it, you can dream for hours and walk along the pier, admiring the moonlit path. The picture shows the moored ships, they lowered the sails in order to enjoy the rest and gain strength for further travels.

Among the sleeping brigantines, small fishing boats sail peacefully. In the background, one can see a ship sailing with the sails raised. The full moon gives us the opportunity to see the mountains surrounding the strait. On this night, the moon alone reigns in the sky and it does not need to break through the clouds. Tired fishermen are sitting on the shore and talking.

The artist’s ability to depict moonlight, night sky, water surface and glare on it is amazing. He creates these images in many of his paintings. The sea for Aivazovsky possessed a special attractive force. He said that it was his life and if he lived 300 years, he would always find new things in him.

The artist had the ability to transfer the movement and breath of the sea landscape to the canvas. Aivazovsky remained faithful to his love all his life.

The painting is in storage at the State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow.

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