Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Poppy Field”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Poppy Field”

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Admirers of his work were already accustomed to his unusually colorful panels, but here the landscape is extremely beautiful. Poppy is a flower of sleep and love. Its scarlet color always tells us about the brightness and fleetingness of love and its rapid flight in human life.

And the fact that poppy is able to euthanize consciousness is known since ancient times.

Klimt, almost for the first time turned to the landscape, but how beautifully it turned out. Look at how many different flowers are here, but poppy dominates. He does not allow field daisies or cornflowers, or violets to prove themselves. He is above them, like a king over his subordinates, and even shrubs, which are depicted on both sides, are not able to displace the beauty of the flowers.

Klimt consciously draws only a clearing with poppies and practically does not pay attention to the sky and horizon. What for? The main thing is poppies!

Klimt sacrificed a bit here for his style, quite a bit, but still the “carpet” of the flowers remained. Remember his "Kiss." There, you don’t immediately understand what’s what, because everything is overshadowed by the magnificent floral ornament on the man’s cloak. Here, on this canvas, the same thing. Everything is overshadowed by a lively floral ornament of poppies and other beauties of the meadow.

It turns out, as it were, a path of flowers that begins right from the front edge of the canvas, and ends somewhere deep inside the picture.

By the way, one more dissimilarity of this work with others - here he writes for the future. Everything here is designed for the distance and angle of view of the public. But the canvas is really so realistic that one wants to sniff and catch the enchanting smell of a forest or garden clearing.

After all, poppies themselves do not smell, their lack of smell can perfectly compensate for the rest of the "population" of the meadow. Nevertheless, the color scheme he selected is correct: green and red colors create feelings of peace and joy. Perhaps that is why this canvas is always nice to watch.

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