Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “Marshal Zhukov”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “Marshal Zhukov”

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Konstantin Vasiliev in his work showed a special love for military subjects. Zhukov is an important historical figure; many artists tried to portray his portrait. Someone did it successfully, and some took prominent places in the most famous museums in the world.

This portrait of Marshal Zhukov is the second part of the famous triptych. At first glance it seems that this is not a real person at all, but the mythical god of war, who came down to us from Olympus. His overcoat is like a departure from steel, and not stitched using traditional technologies.

Slender Zhukov stands firmly on his feet. He leads a great people to victory, he cannot be doubted and hesitates. The author was able to convey in this portrait all the fighting spirit of a man and power. Such personalities appear in history only once. His strategic mind led the people to victories, without him events could unfold in a completely different direction.

Marshal came out of the heat of war, fires burn behind him and fascist planes fall. In the background you can see the skeleton of a town. On the other hand, thousands of young soldiers are standing behind the leader, they are ready to go to a victorious end. Their homeland will be freed from enemies.

Zhukov’s chest is decorated with medals and orders, they invincible armor protect him from bullets and the enemy. On the face we see a gaze looking into the distance. Even at that moment, the marshal thinks out the win-win parties to attack the enemy units.

Gray hair and a tense smile, give out fatigue, but you can not relax. You need to gird and quickly move on to victory.

This is a strong portrait of a true hero and courageous man. He saw a lot on his way, he had to make serious decisions on which the life of the whole state depended. Vasiliev was able to convey with his brush and colors fighting spirit and immense patriotism. It can be seen that Zhukov loves his homeland and for victory it is necessary to be just that.

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