Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Portrait of Gertrude Stein”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Portrait of Gertrude Stein”

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And how dissatisfied was Mrs. Stein when she saw the final version of her portrait, which she received from her best friend Picasso. First of all, she did not like her face. By the way, it is depicted in the manner of Picasso. Although in the first version, even when she posed for the artist, she liked her face on canvas more.

It is not strange, but Picasso spent quite a lot of time portraying his girlfriend and his patron.

American Stein in her homeland was a rather famous writer, and then she became even more famous after she began to collect a collection of paintings by the great Picasso. But it's not that. The thing is that Picasso, as a rule, never worked for a long time on portraits. All that was needed was a pair of posing sessions, and he drew the rest from memory.

Everything turned out differently with this canvas: she posed for him for almost more than three months, and as a result, he quit his job and never finished it. And a little later, being in a completely different place, he suddenly returned to the portrait and quickly painted his face. It was the face that became the stumbling block during the posing sessions and became the reason for the refusal to work further. And then suddenly, from memory, Picasso quickly and non-stop finishes the portrait.

When Stein saw the final version, she was upset. It is because of the face. But Picasso, assured her that if now her face is not like that, then in ten to fifteen years it will become just that. And so it happened. Subsequently, she repeatedly stated that this is her best portrait, which she has ever seen. But what about the portrait? Mask.

A face mask that shows a woman’s authority and determination in actions. Actually, she was like that in life. Otherwise, she could not squeeze into the literary world of the United States. Only pushing with her hands, and biting at her enemies, she managed to achieve popularity.

Heroes at the Crossroads

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