Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "View of the Venetian lagoon"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The canvas is painted in oil on canvas in 1841 in the style of romanticism, in the genre of landscape.

The artist’s childhood passed near the sea, which formed his boundless love for sea landscapes, ships, trips. Therefore, he, like no one else, could register all the details, accurately convey historical events.

Aivazovsky went to Rome in 1849 to continue his studies in art. He went there among other famous artists. In those years of his life, he traveled to almost all European countries, visited many places. Its seascapes are known all over the world, Aivazovsky, like no other, could transmit the full power of the storm or the silence and romanticism of night bays.

In Italy, he wrote more than 50 paintings, which caused a storm of emotions at exhibitions and glorified the young painter. He was compared with the Great Paganini, they said that he had no competitors in the ability to use tones.

“View of the Venetian lagoon” is one of Aivazovsky’s maritime paintings. The canvas with a view of Venice, the painter has more than one. It depicts the quiet expanse of the beautiful Venice. The canvas has no bright shades, but the artist, using a combination of several colors, has achieved incredible depth and tranquility of the look. In the distance you can see the outlines of urban buildings.

Looking at the picture, you always perceive the landscape differently. Sometimes, it seems that it is dawn and the girls on the beach are waiting for a trip with an experienced gondolier. Sometimes you think that another day of Venice has passed, and people on the shore are seeing off the setting sun. But we can definitely say that the picture calms and makes you think. This work once again confirms the skillful handling of the brush. Aivazovsky prescribed all the details, uniquely picked up black and white effects.

The canvas is stored in the State Art and Architecture Palace and Park Museum-Reserve "Peterhof".

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