Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Windbreak"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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Oil painting on canvas in 1888.

The style in painting is realism, written in the genre of sketch and study.

Shishkin is a great Russian artist who left us his legacy. This artist displayed on his canvases the richness and beauty of Russian nature. Many works were created in the St. Petersburg forests and on Valaam. He is rightly considered the best Russian painter. There is probably no such person in our country who did not know one of Ivan Shishkin’s most famous paintings, “Bears in a Pine Forest”. Even children know her. But the rest of the paintings are very famous.

Ivan Shishkin painted a huge number of paintings on the nature of Russia.

The canvas "Burelom" is one of the paintings of this cycle, which the author painted in various years of his life. Its name indicates to us the power of such an element as a storm. And the canvas gives the accessibility of this landscape for the eyes of the audience. On the subject of this series of paintings, there are poems created by different authors.

The canvas shows the Vologda forest, after the storm. The landscape is very gloomy. In the fight against the elements, centuries-old trees still lost. The picture is filled with a combination of green, gray, black shades. But it is bright enough, which proves the skill of the author. Broken trees have already covered marsh mosses, as if showing us that very soon these giants with thick trunks will not be visible at all. Shishkin was a master of the play of light and shadow. It shows the power of the elements, the density and impassability of the forest. Such landscapes can be found in any corner of our large country.

The painting is in storage at the Kiev State Museum of Russian Art.

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