Description of the painting by Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky “Evening” (“Anglerfish”)

Description of the painting by Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky “Evening” (“Anglerfish”)

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Bogdanov-Belsky is a Russian artist who preferred genre scenes, usually from the life of peasant children, as well as portraits and samples in impressionism. He traveled a lot, was the chairman of the Kuindzhi Name Society.

“Evening” is one of his works devoted to the life of peasant children. She depicts a simple sketch - three children fish in a lake, sitting on bridges. This is both entertainment and help in the household. True, only one boy catches - perhaps they have only one fishing rod at all. He sits with his shoulders relaxed, his cap protects his head from the sun, one elbow is set aside - waiting and readiness to hook, as soon as the float begins to twitch and dance.

Another boy is sitting away, looking dreamily into the water. He looks older, his legs almost touch the surface of the water. The pose is relaxed, he either admires his reflection, or hopes to see swimming fish.

The girl is dressed in a skirt and blouse, on her head there is a red scarf, tied as his old women are tied. She stands looking at the angler, and her pose expresses expectation and interest - either in this way she helps him fish, forces her to bite faster, or tries to convey to the boy the thought that now it is her turn to fish. Everyone is silent so as not to frighten away the fish.

Silence is poured over the water, and above the silence is the sky, very similar to the sea. Trees aim at it with the tops, thin, elongated clouds, similar to stripes of fabric, float on it. And at the same time, the same tops and the same clouds float on the water surface, are reflected in it and become part of it.

The painting used soft, light colors, light, in some places clearly distinguishable strokes. She will be nostalgic, the desire to go to the wilderness, to the village, to fish, listening to the silence over the forest lake ...

The fact that for three children an ordinary life, for an outside observer from our time is a dream, sometimes unattainable.

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