Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “The Aviator”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “The Aviator”

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Malevich is a Russian avant-garde artist, whose paintings continue to be decoded to this day. The “Black Square” - his most famous work - is still causing debate, someone considers it completely meaningless, someone sees in it a subtle symbolism and prophecy about the end of art. Such are all his works, not even so famous. It is difficult and not always possible to interpret them from the standpoint of reason, on the contrary, Malevich’s language is a language of associations and symbols, difficult to understand if you try to decipher it in words.

Malevich’s language is a mockery of the inertness and reticence of even the creative thinking of society, which sets the framework for everyone, even artists. Malevich is a reformist who sought to redraw the perception of people, to show them that beauty does not depend on the logical meaning and explanation of it from the standpoint of the mind.

"The Aviator" is one of his mystery paintings, which everyone is free to interpret, as you like. If you want, you can link it with biblical motifs and images, you can, on the contrary, see it as ardent communism. In fact, this is a picture of a puzzle, which seems to have nothing to do with its name.

A man on it is torn out of the familiar world, placed in the world of flat forms, bizarre inscriptions, meaningless, strange abstractions. He looks like a spectator who is trying to understand Malevich’s ideas, on it is a cylinder that emits light, it is crossed by white fish, which literally glows with white. And he clearly does not understand where he ended up.

In his hand he has the ace of spades, around something slurred and without meaning. It is as if flying in a radiant nowhere, like a pilot lost between heaven and earth. Everyone is free to come up with his own explanation and associate it with his ideas, because each person is free and can perceive any picture as he personally wants to.

If you look closely, "Aviator" tells about freedom.

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