Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan "Forest Dali"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan

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The main theme of Levitan’s work is Russian nature. She tirelessly sang it with his paintings, gave her his heart to her, wrote it out carefully, gently, as if a sloppy smear could break the whole composition of the picture and destroy the plan. And even completely damage the real living trees and grasses.

Among his paintings are many famous. When you look at them, it is easy to catch the artist’s love for the country, those feelings that overwhelmed him when painting.

Joy, triumph, hope for the future, sadness, calm expectation, longing - the palette of moods conveyed by Levitan through images of nature is almost endless and amazes with its wealth. After all, it would seem impossible to convey so many emotions through forests and fields. But the artist, meanwhile, succeeded.

“Forest distances” is executed in green tones - in the picture you can find many shades of green, its mixtures with other colors and yourself, because the picture shows a forest stretching to the horizon and somewhat resembling the sea.

A country road runs through a small field into it - if you give free rein to your imagination, you can easily imagine how warm the road dust is and how nice it is to walk along it with bare feet. But the road is not the main thing in the picture. The main thing in the picture is the forest. He is depicted skillfully, for sure, it combines many shades of the same color and at the edge it is darker, and fades to the horizon, becomes light and almost non-existent. And over him stretched a huge sky.

The sky of Levitan deserves a song - it is always slightly faded, of a very accurate sky color, it has yellow and white clouds, and strips of pure azure and a little gray. It covers the forest like a dome, as endless as it is.

And, looking at the picture, one involuntarily wonders - where can one come if one goes off into the distance along this road leading to a dark forest?

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