Description of the sculpture by Francois Auguste Rodin "Kiss"

Description of the sculpture by Francois Auguste Rodin

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A kiss ... alluring, heady, tender, long-awaited. There are many epithets to it. Ever since the time of Plato, people have been puzzled by the question of why lovers love to kiss so much. There is something sacred in the action itself, it was precisely this mystery and uncontrollable passion that could be conveyed to Rene Francois Roden in the sculptural composition “Kiss”. The height of the original sculpture is 181 cm. Later, more than 300 copies were made of various materials and various sizes, but the original is really beautiful, elegant and plastic.

Marble bodies openly enjoy communication, clinging passionately to each other. We see how beautiful and natural the female body is: soft forms, wonderful girlish breasts, excited nipple buttons. Hands of a lover wrap around a man’s neck, we feel how her whole body moves towards a friend.

The man seems more restrained, his figure is strong and muscular, but the forms are incredibly fluid and smooth. The male figure of the osanist, sure, beautiful strong hands hug the woman’s body, it seems that the hands seem to protect the woman. However, the lips of young people do not touch, until the cherished moment - only a moment.

The composition is imbued with subtle poetry. Looking at the sculptural group, you understand that they are sensual, full of soft lyricism, clear harmony with the world and with themselves. Their feelings are so clearly embodied in marble that, initially, due to excessive eroticism for the public of the United States at the end of the 19th century, she was exhibited in a separate room and to look at her, it was necessary to make a request.

Rodin is the founder of impressionism in sculpture, he manages to convey the birth of feeling in cold material. Under the skillful hands of the master, the stone turns into a living body, which can be infinitely admired. There are no unnecessary details. With the help of delightful bends of lines, plasticity, play of light, Roden managed to create living bodies capable of transmitting the vibration of feelings to the viewer.

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