Description of the fresco by Raphael Santi "Athens School"

Description of the fresco by Raphael Santi

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Rafael Santi (1483–1520) - the great Italian painter and graphic artist.
The Athens School fresco is one of four frescoes for the Papal Palace in the Vatican, painted by the great Raphael during the High Renaissance. Sophistication and smoothness of lines, rounded contours, complex poses, camera angles and rhythmically balanced composition formulas are combined with each other on the fresco of the work of the great Master.

The earthly activity of man, the harmony of the physical body and spiritual content against the pompous architectural backgrounds of the palace, an impeccable sense of rhythm and proportions. It is hard to believe that the 25-year-old representative of the Umbrian School of Painting, with a predominance of early renaissance principles, was able to carry out such a global work. On his fresco, Rafael Santi united all the philosophers and thinkers known at that time, ranging from Diogenes, Heraclitus and Epicurus to the students of Plato and Socrates. In total, more than 50 figures are depicted on the fresco. Titan personalities, personalities equal to God, according to the worldviews of the Renaissance.

The prototype for the "Athenian school" was the Academy, created by Plato in Athens in the IV century BC. e., whose students held their open-air debates in an olive grove.
In a beautiful, ancient temple with airy and light architecture, truth is born that will triumph over man, as well as the bright blue sky visible in the system of arched vaults over the heads of philosophers.
“Truth is born of controversy,” said the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates.
Philosophers on the fresco are also arguing, but without a winner. A variety of personal human opinions and individual philosophical movements united and depicted on his mural Rafael Santi.

The Athenian School is the true legacy that the artist Santi left for his descendants, instructively demonstrating the correct and full-fledged human activity.

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