Description of the Victory Monument monument in Moscow

Description of the Victory Monument monument in Moscow

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Victory Monument on Poklonnaya Hill in the capital is located on Victors Square. It has a height of over 140 meters. The monument is open in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the Victory. It is the highest memorial building in all of Russia. The design and construction of the monument took many years.

The height of this monument was chosen very well. Each decimeter of height corresponds to one day of the Great Patriotic War. So the monument has a height of 1418 decimeters.

The shape of the obelisk is a trihedral bayonet. It is covered with bronze bas-reliefs.

Special steel was chosen for the Victory Monument. It is reliably protected against corrosion. At the top of the stele is a bronze composition weighing 25 tons. It is attached at a height of 104 meters. The composition depicts Nika - the goddess of Victory, as well as two cupids. The total weight of this structure is one thousand tons. However, this statue added instability to the entire monument, so 2 thousand tons of concrete were poured under it.

Due to its features, this monument is specific. But at the same time, it is unstable in terms of aerodynamics. The model was purged in a special wind tunnel. To prevent fluctuations from strong winds, the developers equipped the Victory Monument with special aerodynamic dampers. The main absorber weighs about 10 tons.

Victory Monument stands on a hill. Inside it there are rooms where the station is located to monitor the condition of the monument, as well as auxiliary equipment.

Victory Monument refers to the whole monumental complex, covering 135 hectares. The memorial structure includes the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the monument itself, as well as three churches. Near the museum there is a unique exhibition of various techniques of the war years, as well as thematic sculptural compositions.

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