Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio "Venus Urbino"

Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio

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The famous Venetian painter Titian Vecellio always admired the world and appreciated its beauty. In a special and reverent manner, the masters of the brush worried about antiquity. The ancient characters of the artist seemed alive, so he boldly moved mythological heroes in his era.

So, his famous painting “Venus” is identified with the goddess Venus. The painting was painted for the Duke of Urbinsky, who in 1538 ordered two works from Titian - his portrait and the image of a naked woman. There are two versions of who was the model of the artist. According to one of them, Titian outlined the image of the young girl Julia Varano - the bride of Guidobaldo. On the other - his beloved woman. It was also believed that the canvas resembled another painting by Titian - a portrait of Eleanor Gonzag, the mother of Guidobaldo.

Whatever it was, but the picture of Titian presents a young Venetian, a real golden-haired beauty with a playful look and delicate body. The girl looks embarrassed, but sure that she is beautiful.

The scene in the picture is the room of a prosperous house. In the background in the palace luxury lies a naked woman in bed, whose gaze is fixed on the viewer. The woman covers her bosom, which has become a kind of center of composition, with her left hand, and with her right hand holds a flower bouquet. A little dog fell asleep near her legs. In the background, the artist depicted two handmaidens, engaged in their usual affairs.

The meaning of the picture is skillfully hidden. Some interpret it as marital fidelity, given the fact that there is myrtle on the window - a symbol of marriage. Others are convinced that Titian created a portrait of a courtesan who offers herself to the public.

The originality of the handwriting of the artist Titian in "Venus of Urbinsk" was reflected. The painter painted everything with his inherent naturalness, thereby demonstrating a high level of skill.

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