Description of the painting Boris Kustodiev Beauty

Description of the painting Boris Kustodiev Beauty

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Boris Kustodiev painted this picture in 1915. The puffy Russian beauty, a famous theater artist of that time, agreed to pose for the artist. In the center of the picture is a real Russian beauty in the body. She is full of strength and energy, her body radiates health, and delicate white skin is a little shaded by the blue of a white sheet.

It is important to pay attention to the pose of the girl, she is by no means depraved, but rather even chaste. The heroine of the picture boldly watches the work of the artist, does not feel embarrassment. With her right hand she covers her magnificent breasts, on the ring finger of this hand the artist depicted a precious ring.

Noteworthy for this picture is the use of bright, saturated colors. The picture is literally replete with a riot of used paints. One cannot but note the scrupulousness with which the author painted the details of the interior of the room. Behind the girl there are very beautiful blue wallpapers, on which a very accurate and beautiful symmetrical pattern is applied, namely a bright red bouquet of roses.

Echoing with the scarlet lip color of a young beauty and her bright blue eyes. It should be noted rosy skin tone and fairly regular facial features. Long, with a golden tint, the hair is gathered back in an elegant bun, and the incredible beauty of the face is emphasized by precious earrings.

Pay attention to the satin blanket. With what amazing accuracy the artist managed to embody his magnificent texture and graceful lace in the picture. It seems as if the young lady had just pushed him away with her magnificent legs and was about to rise from her soft bed. What an abundance of colors the author uses to represent the flowers on the bed. Bright red, blue and green shades are ideally combined with each other.

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