Description of the monument-sculpture "Motherland is calling" in Volgograd

Description of the monument-sculpture

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The sculptural monument “Motherland is calling” is the central figure of the Mamaev Kurgan in the hero city. The height of this structure is 52 meters. The hill on which the monument is located is of the bulk type, the height of the hill is 14 meters. Given the length of the sword, the monument "Motherland Calls" refers to the highest sculptural structures.

Roads lead to the monument on this mound. One of the roads departs from the Square of Sorrow. There are gravestones along the paths leading to the monument. The names of those who died in the battle of Stalingrad are written on them. 34 and a half thousand people were buried in the mound under the monument. All of them became heroes who won freedom for their country.

The author of the monument is sculptor E. Vuchetich. One of the waitresses of the Volgograd restaurant became the prototype of the woman depicted in the sculpture.

Interestingly, the initial design of this sculpture was to appear in a different way. It was assumed that the monument will have male and female figures. Moreover, the soldier should bow to the woman on her knees. In the hand, the woman should have had a flag in her hands. However, the author of the sculpture did not consider these details as necessary, and we see the sculpture exactly as it is today.

This monument is the image of a mother heroine who convenes heroes to fight the enemies of the motherland. Everything in her is courageous, characteristic of a woman doing a heroic act: sharp lines of the figure, open mouth and eyes, outstretched hand. Such details create a sense of strength and courage, as well as an atmosphere of anxiety hanging over the country. Sculpture is also a reminder of the most difficult times that were destined to survive the inhabitants of a huge country.

From the very foot of the monument, the viewer has a beautiful view of the hero city of Volgograd, as well as the Volga River.

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