Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of Nikolai Struisky”

Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of Nikolai Struisky”

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This painting was painted by the most famous portrait painter of the XVIII century - Fedor Rokotov. The world saw a picture depicting Nikolai Yeremeyevich Struisky only in 1772. The picture is painted on canvas. During work, Rokotov used oil.

Rokotov, despite the fact that he was a native of ordinary people, knew how to make friendships with people from noble families. Being alive, he managed to gain fame, but was soon forgotten about him. And only after death did everyone talk about the charming works of the portrait painter.

Once he was lucky to meet Nikolai Struisky. Nikolai Yeremeyevich repeatedly noted the artist's quick and easy work on the painting. This picture was painted playfully. The impression was that the brush itself wrote, and rokot only played along with it a little.

The author tried on the canvas to convey the whole identity of the Russian poet, and concurrently critic. Looking at the portrait, it is impossible not to admire the hereditary nobleman. Since the person depicted was related to writing, the artist skillfully conveyed this in reproductions.

Of particular note is the look of Nikolai Yeremeyevich, who seems to penetrate and impress with his depth. The play of colors is also noteworthy. The canvas is dominated by dark and calm tones, which symbolize the character of Struysky. Graceful lines, precise strokes - all this speaks of the highest skill of the artist. Also, do not miss the magical play of shadows, which betrays a special flavor of the picture. The picture seems to be endowed with magical attraction.

From the picture you can determine that its author was positive about the person whom he decided to perpetuate on the canvas. But this confirms the historical fact, which states that Rokotov and Struisky were on friendly terms.

Painting Creation

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