Description of the monument to the postman

Description of the monument to the postman

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Most of the monuments are erected by famous people who managed to leave a mark on history and became famous for their actions or contribution to the development of society or science. But few monuments glorify the life of ordinary people, who have carried out their work responsibly all their lives, put their soul into it, but they have not become famous (and hardly aspired to this). For example, are there many monuments to postmen? The answer will be no. But still they are. For example, a monument to a postman was erected in the Uzhgorod region, in the village of Perechin. Here they decided to translate the memory of the rural postman into a beautiful monument.

Interestingly, the monument does not glorify the profession in general, but the life of the particular postman Fyodor Feket, who lived and worked in this village. The monument is a full-length human figure. The idea belongs to the local sculptor Mikhail Belen. Inspired by the architect, he created a natural growth monument in bronze. The monument depicts the postman Fyodor Feket, who steps from stone to stone and carries a long-awaited letter to the villagers.

The postman was given such an honor for a reason. Fedor lived in a village in the 19th century, when this territory of the country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Every day he walked about 10 km from his village to Perechin in order to bring mail on time. Fedor crossed forest paths and rivers, so that everyone would receive news from family and friends. After the death of the postman, the villagers made a memorial inscription on the wall of the church.

Today, the monument to the postman is a local attraction, which tourists and locals come to see. The monument looks very harmonious against the background of the local nature. It seems that the postman will now take another step and say, "You have a letter, dance!" Such monuments remind us that ordinary people sometimes do things much more important for us than those who have power and authority.

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