Description of the Soviet poster “Defend Moscow!”

Description of the Soviet poster “Defend Moscow!”

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The Great Patriotic War became the real catalyst for the most active development for Soviet poster art. The general leitmotif of the posters of that time was the clear expression of the transmitted idea, the powerful persuasiveness of the images and the highest level of patriotic pathos. Even after more than half a century, the works of that period are striking in their strength, confidence, sharpness and unfading freshness.

The share of Soviet soldiers at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War fell many difficulties of trials. Every day for them was a real battle to the death in the fight against a dangerous, insidious, superior in number and strength of the enemy. The troops of the Third Reich advanced and attacked, seized the city outside the city, village after village, village after village.

By the end of autumn 1941, the position of the Soviet Union was unenviable: Kiev, Minsk, Odessa and Kharkov fell, Leningrad was surrounded by Nazi troops and enclosed in a powerful blockade ring. By November 1941, the enemy approached the main city of the state - its capital, Moscow.

At this moment, the Soviet party leadership was given the most important and most serious task - to give up all the necessary forces to defend the city and in every way improve the morale and morale of the townspeople. For this, a powerful agitation was launched, carrying one main idea - to keep Moscow at any cost, and never to give it to Hitler and his minions.

The campaign was conducted on all information fronts: on the radio, in newspapers, through leaflets. One of the means of agitation was the poster “Defend Moscow!”, Drawn by the authors N. Zhukov and V. Klimashin. Together, these two artists managed to create a vivid and capacious image of a soldier who defends the capital of his state. In his eyes - determination, in his posture - confidence, in the expression of his face - righteous anger. This soldier is the embodiment of all Muscovites who will never surrender their city.

Vrubel Bogatyr

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