Description of Annibale Carracci's painting “The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne”

Description of Annibale Carracci's painting “The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne”

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Carracci depicts the triumphal wedding of Bacchus and Ariadne. We see an unusual procession. The artist devoted his canvas to the theme of love, as an all-consuming feeling.

The canvas is created on the plot of the myth of antiquity. Theseus is known to many. It was him who Ariadne loved. She helps him out of the magical labyrinth of the formidable Minotaur. The thing is that Theseus gave a promise for this to marry Ariadne. But as a result, he leaves her on Naxos. Here young Bacchus finds her and immediately falls in love with a beautiful woman.

It was decided to celebrate Lemnose. It was her so expressively portrayed by Carracci. This grand procession stretched across the entire gallery vault, of which this canvas is a part. As a result, creates a special pattern, striking in its rhythm. At the head of the procession is Selen, who is completely drunk. On a chariot driven by graceful leopards, Bacchus himself sits. He is young and beautiful. Ahead run satire and maenad. Their bewitching dance really cannot but impress.

Carracci masterfully depicts bodies. He pays attention to every curve of the body. The natural tones in the skin tone are surprising. All the heroes of his canvas are alive. It seems that with all its fabulousness, the characters are as real as possible.

The whole canvas is flooded with light. Dominated by blue, gold and pastel shades. Everything rejoices and merges in one burst of joy. The artist fills his canvas with a huge number of characters, each of which is individual. You can consider his creation ad infinitum. The beauty of nature and the harmony of man with nature sounds incredibly powerful in his masterpiece.

The painter took a mythological plot, but he interprets it differently. He not only depicts a wedding procession, but puts his thoughts about the beauty of man and nature into the canvas.

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