Description of the painting by Valentin Khabarov “Portrait of Mila”

Description of the painting by Valentin Khabarov “Portrait of Mila”

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Khabarov’s picture is quite interesting. We see a girl who is passionate about reading a book. All her attention is absorbed in this process.

The girl comfortably settled in the chair right with her legs. On the right we see skates that are laid carelessly. For this detail, we can assume that Mila recently walked and now returned. She quickly took off her skates and immediately continued reading an exciting book. A small lamp is located above the chair. The light from her falls on the book.

Khabarov depicts a girl with light colors. Mila has a white T-shirt and blue jeans. So dress up all teens at her age.

Before us is the most ordinary heroine, which the artist does not embellish at all. For surrounding objects, he chooses dark tones. The figure of the girl stands out sharply against the background of a blue chair. White skates become a bright spot against a dark floor. The artist creates a visible contrast. This technique conveys the defenselessness of the heroine and her incredible touching.

Before us is a truly original picture. Nowadays, a girl with a book is a rarity.

It is necessary to consider the face of Mila. She is thoughtful and focused. The nose of the heroine has the correct shape. Brown hair fell over his shoulders. The girl is very passionate about reading. Her mouth is ajar.

The artist uses a clear compositional technique. The figure of the girl is located in the center. The round armchair becomes a very expressive stain on a brown background. Khabarov skillfully puts emphasis. He highlights the details that the viewer should pay attention to. The strokes of his brush are juicy and natural.

The painter managed to create an incredibly lively portrait. It turns out that in the most ordinary scene of reading a book there is a charm. Khabarov managed to convey the girl’s enthusiasm, which shows not only in her pose, but also in other objects of this unusual canvas.

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