Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn "Lucretia"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn

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Rembrandt used the classic plot of suicide of Lucretia. She decides to take her own life, as she was dishonored by the son of the emperor of Rome. The artist created two paintings. At an earlier time, we see a heroine who is just getting ready to inflict a mortal blow on herself. In her hands is a knife.

On a later canvas, the wound has already been inflicted. This can be understood by the spreading stain of blood, which is visible on the shirt of thin tissue. Lucretia can still stay straight, but very soon it will be beyond her power. She grabbed the graceful ribbon of the bell. But we can understand that the end is already near, since the face has become deathly pale.

Rembrandt conveys his vision of a famous event. The artist masterfully prescribes all the details of clothes made of luxurious material. If the painter depicted jewelry on an earlier canvas, then now they are gone. He decided to significantly reduce the details to give the image maximum simplicity.

On the woman a tunic of a simple cut. The suit is so strict that it very much resembles a man’s. Streams of paint form folds of white fabric. Rembrandt depicts a man who decided to commit suicide.

Clothing and face can no longer seduce. They embody the end planned by a woman. We will not find anything played in her face. You can only feel how serious a decision she made. This greatly exacerbates all the features. To create vertical flow accompaniment, the suit is reduced to elementary volumes. In the face we do not see any pain. It is completely calm. Perfect suicide put Lucretius over physiological laws and completely deleted from society.

This painting was the last creation of the painter on the theme of antiquity. It was there that he sought honor and morality.

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