Description of the painting by Antoine Watteau "Gilles"

Description of the painting by Antoine Watteau

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Antoine Watteau - the largest French painter, a kind of prophet of the Rococo style, who preferred mythical and plot scenes. He also paid a lot of attention to the actors in their traditional roles. His paintings are usually made with great art and attention to detail, loaded with meaning, and characters, and little things that make up the interiors.

Pierre, who was born in Italy as a mask of the comedy del arte, is known to everyone in France as housing. Initially, his role was the role of another servant, the eternal rival of Harlequin, a little cunning and dodgy, cleverly disguising it with outward good nature and clumsiness.

However, all his plans often failed and failed, Colombina went to Harlequin and once Pierre's image was rethought. From a comic, he became a tragic character, gradually transforming from a scoundrel into a persecuted unhappy lover in all.

In the picture, Watteau Pierrot appears in this image. Despite the presence of people around him, he is lonely. The performance is over, everyone is busy with their own affairs, and he stands on a hill with a look of confusion and misunderstanding.

The lowered horizon line elevates it above the others, turning the picture into a portrait and indicating how different the level of thinking and interests of his colleagues is. They are indifferent to Pierrot, they are occupied by conversations, and in his life their role is no more than the role of a faun statue, looking seriously and stupidly. He is dressed in his traditional costume. The pointed hat, shifted to the back of the head, has a vague resemblance to a halo.

Playing the character of the tragic and misunderstood, Pierrot remains the same in life, unnecessary to anyone, rejected by everyone and not understanding anyone.

He looks at the viewer sadly and as if asking, as if assuming that it is in the power of those who look at him to rid him of this deadly longing.

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