Description of the bas-relief of Michelangelo Buanarroti "Madonna by the stairs"

Description of the bas-relief of Michelangelo Buanarroti

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Michelangelo began his journey with the creation of talented sculptures. Before us is his first work, which he skillfully carved from marble at the age of 16 years. Already from it you can understand that this is the creation of a true master. The sculptor brings his own to this art form. Amazing incredible plasticity of images. The theme has been used many times, but in Michelangelo it is interpreted in a serious way.

The artist creates a low relief with subtle nuances of detail. Before us is the Madonna, who is holding a baby in her arms. A woman sits by the stairs, which is why the work is called so.

The relief consists of three plans. All of them are finely divided. Due to this, the master’s creation acquires maximum picturesqueness. It seems that Michelangelo deliberately emphasizes the fact that his talented sculpture is associated with painting. It is a well-known fact - the future master studied precisely with the artist. The future painter begins with such a sculpture for a reason.

We see an image that is moving away from tradition. The baby and Madonna are filled with drama and incredible power. At the time of Michelangelo, such an interpretation of their images was extraordinary.

Our Lady belongs to the main place in this expressive relief. She is serious and majestic. She is focused. You can feel the note of heroism, which sounds in its entire image. Her powerful legs and arms contrast sharply with the graceful folds of her clothes. Michelangelo was able to find a compact composition. He skillfully compares shapes and volumes, differing in size. The shapes are built correctly, and the drawing is incredibly accurate. All parts are finely crafted. The hand of the future master is felt in everything.

Michelangelo's work is externally calm, but at the same time it is internally filled. The viewer clearly senses life, its rhythm. We feel that the Madonna is experiencing in these moments. She weighs the future that awaits her son.

The grandeur of this creation is really impressive.

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